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Welcome to our new Communications Coordinator, Kimberley Jev

The Rozsa Foundation is happy to welcome Kimberley Jev as our new Communications Coordinator.

Kimberley Jev is a multifaceted communications professional who has proven herself to be an authoritative voice in the world of mass communications. Her entrepreneurial skills and ability to think creatively with unique strategies show her determination to prove there are a myriad of uses for a Journalism degree.

Kimberley graduated with Honours from the Applied Communications degree program at Mount Royal University in 2011. In 2007, while enrolled as a full time student, Kimberley launched the fashion media company, Calgary Fashion Media which saw her in position as a digital publisher developing and distributing arts, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle content.

Through an online platform Kimberley and her teams hard work and dedication generated over 200 000 page views per week and welcomed over 30 000 unique visitors each month. Kimberley is known for building and expanding networks as well as motivating correspondents and journalists around the world. She has flown many miles for the sake of communications and has reported from busy city centres in New York, Japan, London, Los Angeles and Toronto.

While also in university, she worked as the Communications Coordinator for the Afrikadey! Festival and Presentation Society. In 2013, Kimberley won the People’s Choice award for Media Personality of the Year at the Black Gold Awards, now the Obsidian Awards.

She has been a correspondent for several media outlets and is constantly publishing new work. With Calgary Fashion Media put to rest in 2015, Kimberley moved on to consulting for brands, start-ups and non-profit organizations. She has worked in various industries and continues to push her byline as a journalist. She has an extensive portfolio and comes to the Rozsa Foundation after holding positions with the Legal Education Society of Alberta and Brooklyn based photography studio Alakija Studios. Welcome Kimberley!

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