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This funding stream is exclusively for Arts Leadership participants who have completed the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP). The Rozsa Foundation provides RAMP Capstone Project Funding to organizations, groups, collectives, and individuals to support the advancement of the RAMP participants Capstone Project.


Up to $5,000


February 24, April 28, June 23, August 25, October 27, and December 1


Applicants must have successfully completed RAMP (including the completion and presentation of a Capstone Project) to be eligible to apply for this funding. 

Participants who completed RAMP as part of an organization should apply as an organization. Participants who are working independently should apply as an individual. 

Applicants have up to two years post-program completion to apply. We are currently accepting applications from RAMP participants who graduated in 2021 and 2022. 

Please note that although completion of RAMP is a requirement for eligibility, it does not guarantee project funding.

Continuing in 2023, the Rozsa Foundation has partnered with Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) to make RAMP Capstone Project Funding available to Calgary-based participants who are working independently, for a registered charity, non-profit, ad-hoc group, grassroots organization, or within another organizational structure. 

For those elsewhere in Alberta, only those working for a registered charity are eligible. If you are unsure about your eligibility for this funding, please reach out to Ayla Stephen, Funding Manager.


When applying for a Capstone Project Funding you are invited to speak to the following questions in the Project Description:

  • What is the challenge that the Capstone Project is addressing?

  • What are the current symptoms of the challenge?

  • What impact do you anticipate that addressing this challenge will have on your organization, your work, or the arts sector?

  • Has the project changed or evolved since you presented your project in RAMP? If so, how?

  • Besides yourself, who will be involved in implementing the Capstone Project?

  • How does the specific work completed through the Capstone Project further and continue your learning? 

Additionally, as part of the application, you will be asked to speak to:

  • How does the Capstone Project align with one or more of your organization's strategic priorities or your individual goals?

  • How will you measure the success of the project when it is implemented?

  • What costs are associated with the implementation of the project? Note: we ask for a project budget and have a template available for you to use (link provided below). 


  • The Foundation does not fund ongoing administrative salaries for individuals working within organizations, ongoing administrative costs such as office rent, deficit financing, debt repayment, operating funding, undesignated funding, or capital campaigns. 

  • We recognize that for individuals and organizations that do not have salaried administrative staff, the human resource capacity to carry out the project may be part of the project cost and funding request. 

  • Please note that we do not fund retroactively. If you incur costs for the project prior to the application deadline, those costs cannot be covered by the Capstone Project Funding. 


The Rozsa Foundation recognizes that individuals and organizations are unique and may thrive within an alternative funding application process or structure. If you feel that a written funding application will not serve you or your project best, please reach out to Ayla ( to discuss other application methods that are available. Examples may include: a video submission, a verbal interview-style application, or something else we haven't thought of! We are committed to meeting you at your best. 

You can view the application questions and prepare your application in the following fillable word documents. Please note: Application questions differ for individuals and organizations, so please be sure to download the application that is appropriate for you. 

Please do NOT submit the hard copy of your funding application. All applications must be made via our online forms unless an alternate process was determined in collaboration with the Rozsa Foundation. 


Please contact Ayla, who will confirm your eligibility. She can also answer any questions you might have about the funding process or application and is happy to talk with you about your project as you undertake the application. 

Upon submission of your funding application, you will receive an automated email confirmation that we have received your submission. Capstone Project Funding is typically assessed within three weeks of the application deadline. 









For further information on Capstone Project Funding, or any other of the Rozsa Foundation's funding programs, please contact Funding Manager, Ayla Stephen


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