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This funding program supports mid-career arts professionals who are Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour who aspire to leadership roles in the arts (Executive Directors, Artistic Directors, Curators, Managing Directors, etc.) to undertake an extended residency with a host arts organization. 


Within the arts sector in Calgary, there is a need to create pathways for racialized leaders in all disciplines to advance their networks, experience, skills, and knowledge. In specific response to addressing that need, and as part of the Rozsa Foundation’s long-term commitment to strengthening the arts sector, we are proud to offer the Arts Leadership Residency program. 


The Host Organization will develop the funding application in conjunction with the Resident and submit it to the Rozsa Foundation, then use the funding exclusively to pay the wages of the Resident.   



There will be one intake for the Arts Leadership Residency Funding program in 2024. 

Applications are due Friday, July 26, 2024. 



The Arts Leadership Residency provides $20,000 to support a residency of between 6 (full-time) and 12 (part-time) months, as designed by the Resident and Host Organization. A clear sense of the scope of the Residency, including the expected number of hours committed by the Resident, should be provided as part of the application.   


This flexibility is intended to create a long-term relationship while leaving space for the Resident to continue their existing artistic / administrative practice outside of the Host Organization, if applicable. Please see the Arts Leadership Residency Guidelines (linked below) for additional details.     


This funding program supports a flexible approach to high-impact, leadership-focused learning, with direct mentorship from the artistic and/or executive leadership of the Host Organization. The Resident and Host Organization should co-design the Residency plan to ensure that parties are clear on the goals, timelines, and workplan.  


The Host Organization should ensure that they have the ability and capacity to be able to support the Resident in meeting their desired goals and can speak to the points and questions listed in the Guidelines document linked below.   


The careful and considered design of the Residency, including responsiveness to the specific needs of the Resident, deliberate cultivation of leadership skills, and benefit to the growth and learning of both the Resident and Host Organization are central to the assessment of the applications.  


The nature of this work will vary based on the Resident and Host Organization but should be centred on leadership-focused responsibilities such as programming and program development, strategic planning, partnership-building, casting, staff leadership and management, budgeting, working with the board, advocacy, and community relations, among others. It is important that the Resident not be looked upon to single-handedly address shortcomings in the Host Organization’s equity, diversity, and inclusion work.  


We encourage interested individuals to approach organizations that can potentially meet your desired outcomes and encourage arts organizations to share this information with candidates who might be interested in a Residency.  


While the focus of our funding supports is Calgary and the surrounding area, we recognize that individuals interested in a Residency may desire to work with a Host Organization that has racialized leadership, and that a suitable option may not be available within Calgary. As such, Calgary-based arts leaders can undertake the Arts Leadership Residency with a Host Organization elsewhere in the country, provided that it is a Canadian-registered charity. That Host Organization would then apply to the funding program to host the Resident in either a remote, in person, or hybrid residency.  



Please review the Arts Leadership Residency Guidelines (below) for additional details. We encourage interested individuals and organizations to discuss your eligibility and the program with us prior to application. Please email Funding Manager Ayla Stephen


All applications must be made via our online form, please click on the button below to start your application. If you would like to work in a hard copy of the application as you prepare your submission, please download the Funding Application Template. You can then copy and paste your responses from this template into our online form.  


All project budgets submitted must use the Rozsa Foundation Funding Program Budget Template. Please complete the “Budget” column of the template.



If you have questions or feedback you would like to provide, please email the Rozsa Foundation’s Funding Manager Ayla Stephen. 

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