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Trickster Theatre's David Chantler takes home 2017 Rozsa Award

The Rozsa Foundation is pleased to announce David Chantler, Producing Director of Trickster Theatre, as the recipient of the 2017 Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management.

At the helm for Trickster’s 37 years in operation, David’s astute and creative approach has constantly kept Trickster programming current and relevant.

Chantler established Trickster’s School Residency program in 1989. Keenly aware of the value of arts-based learning since the beginning, Chantler has expanded the theatre’s programming over the years to include science and literacy initiatives such as Act2Learn and Theatre In Literacy, and the highly successful Kids Go Global platform: “a place for Elementary, Junior and Senior High schools to explore Global Issues and then take action locally and internationally”. Other programs include the Finding The Balance Between Two Worlds program, and the theatre’s largest community engagement project to date, the Canada 150 – Our Many Faces initiative. These projects encouraged students to look at the historic and present-day relationships between First Nations and non-First Nations communities in Canada.

David Chantler has demonstrated excellence in arts management based in a long-standing commitment to bettering communities from the ground up. Empowering youth with the confidence to make real change in their worlds through art has transformed not just his organization, but the lives of countless children throughout Canada as well.

The Rozsa Award of Excellence recognizes Chantler’s 37-year commitment to the pursuit and integration of creative and relevant art as a key factor to effective teaching, learning and living in community.

Read more about the Rozsa Award and its partners and benefits here.

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