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The Rozsa Foundation and COVID-19

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Greetings friends and colleagues,

Here we are in unprecedented times. Like everyone else, we at the Rozsa Foundation are doing our best to keep up with and respond to the latest changes being brought about by COVID-19 and trying to figure out not only what it means for us, but also for the arts community we support and care so deeply about. Our board and staff express their solidarity with all artists and arts organizations who have seen their work cut short, postponed, or cancelled entirely.

We recognize the incredible impact this virus is having and will continue to have on the arts community and have already started conversations internally and with other funders to discuss how we can work together to best address the present and future needs of artists and arts organizations. We have told our own grantees that we will be highly flexible with regard to our existing funding, given the uncertain timelines that surround all projects we're supporting.

When additional financial support is made available, funders will need a detailed account of the financial fallout you've experienced. If you're not already doing so, please start keeping clear and precise records of lost revenue and other financial impacts of closures and cancellations. No doubt the demand for assistance will be significant, and the support available won't entirely meet the need, but I'm certainly hopeful that some degree of damage mitigation will be possible.

Internally, we're exploring how we can better use technology to continue to convene and meet, disseminate information & resources and move forward with our work, including our e-newsletter, social media, and blog. Some staff are already working from home, and others may follow suit as the week progresses, so if you need to get a hold of us, please do so via email rather than by phone or in person.

There are many unknowns right now, not the least of which is for how long this will represent the new reality. As we move forward, if we can help out in any way, please reach out and let us know, and in the meantime, please take care of yourselves and each other.



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