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Rozsa Foundation Announces New Executive Director

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

[March 31, 2017] After an extensive selection process, the Rozsa Foundation is thrilled to announce Simon Mallett as our first Executive Director.

Mr. Mallett joins us from Downstage, as their Founder and Artistic Director for the past thirteen years. He brings with him a strong leadership background in arts management, granting, and business. He has a clear vision for the position and shares our passion for the sector, and we are eager to see how the Rozsa Foundation evolves under his direction. Outgoing Foundation President, Mary Rozsa de Coquet, will continue to serve as Board Chair, passing responsibility of operations to Mr. Mallett.

“The vision of our parents, Ted and Lola, was a thriving arts community and we remain true to that vision and their passion. I think they would be proud to see that the Foundation now has provincial programs and is increasingly recognized as a national arts leader. Our world is changing rapidly and we have not hesitated to seize opportunities. Simon Mallett is an entrepreneur and artist who explores new ideas, a perfect combination to lead the Foundation forward in our support of the arts sector.”

– Mary Rozsa de Coquet

“The arts community in Alberta has been my creative home for over a decade, and I’m so proud to now be able to work to advocate, champion and strengthen that community, building on the incredible history of support the Rozsa Foundation has provided.”

- Simon Mallett

Mr. Mallett officially takes the role on April 17th, 2017.

Read more about the transition in the Globe and Mail:

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