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Rosebud Theatre receives facility upgrades

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Months ago, long-time supporters of Rosebud Centre of the Arts Terry and Laura Bachynski came to our theatre and were given a tour. After seeing the state of our wardrobe facility, they were driven to make a big change in our world.

At the time, Wardrobe was composed of two trailers located behind the Rosebud Church. At first glance one could see that the small space was extremely crowded with thousands of costumes, but looking closer it was also apparent there were bigger problems at hand. Additional issues included water leaking through the ceiling, mouse holes in the baseboards, no change rooms for private fittings, no washrooms, no space allotment for the Head of Wardrobe to create her transformational magic, and most of all, no space to teach our students effectively.

With the help of the Bachynski’s and The Rozsa Foundation, we have been able to provide a much needed upgrade to the facility, beginning with the transformation of our wardrobe building. As the before and after photos show, the improvements have truly transformed the capacity of our wardrobe department. Rosebud School of the Arts is currently seeing its highest enrollment to date, and this facility will be better able to teach students some tricks of the trade. The building will see upgrades to its laundry area as well as new cutting tables, washrooms, storage units, and change rooms for actors and students alike. New windows will provide better lighting and new costume storage will allow for longer life and use.

Our Head of Wardrobe Amy Castro provided over thirty five costumes for eight Rosebud Theatre productions in 2016. “I feel so blessed to have this,” Castro said after moving into the new space. “You feel more creative when you have the room to move and grow. Just the workshop itself has probably tripled in size.”

With only 2% of our operating costs coming from government grants this gift is extremely important to the growth of Rosebud, not only as a company but for the community that supports us.

We deeply appreciate the support from both the Bachynski’s and the Rozsa Foundation, and are looking forward to many years in our new space.

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