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Board Members attend RAMP Graduates' ALP presentations

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Photo: Mary Rozsa de Coquet and Damon Johnston

The 2015/2016 RAMP season concludes with graduates' ALP (Action Learning Project) presentations, covering everything from new audience development, board succession planning, fund development, strategic planning, membership development, organizational sustainability, human resources, youth and community outreach, plus many more challenges faced by the arts sector. As always, participants gained new insights into arts management across disciplines, and strengthened their skill sets as administrators.

Board member attendance is a key factor in showing support and organizational investment in staff, and the Rozsa Foundation was pleased to see several engaged and receptive board members during the presentations. Sincere thanks to them and the time they've committed to their managers and administrators.

Jannie Edwards, Board Vice-President of the Edmonton Poetry Festival, had this to say:

"For years, I taught at Grant MacEwan College, now MacEwan University, and ended my career there as Associate Dean of the Performing, Visual and Communication Arts Division. One of our vital programs in that Division was, and still is, the Arts and Cultural Management program, and my involvement with curriculum redesign and ongoing evaluation of that program gave me the perspective and experience to more fully appreciate the need for arts leadership and professional development. So bravo to the Rozsa Foundation for your eagle vision in putting resources toward that vision! Too often, we are put into a reactive mode of response in the not for profit arts sector."

And from Steven Rosendorff of the Lunchbox Theatre Board:

"Not only was Samantha's research and presentation interesting, but it has practical applications that will be able to benefit Lunchbox Theatre and all those vendors/supporters involved in the proposed loyalty programme."

Tyler Westover of the Silver Skate Festival Board:

"I appreciate being able to attend the presentation and meet both Mary and Andrew. They defiantly show a passion for for the Arts and those who work within the space. They provided great points to consider as we move forward; their message was supportive of our formalization and the work Erin and the staff of Silverskate (and board) are focused on. It was great to have confirming messages that we need to continue to strive for organized and deliberate growth goals."

With the 2016/2017 RAMP application phase now open, we look forward to meeting the next round of dedicated arts administrators and managers. We also look forward to meeting their board representatives, as board engagement and support plays a substantial role in strengthening organizational resiliency through supporting their leaders and innovators.

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