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Round Table Conversation: Monetizing Online Arts Content

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The Rozsa Foundation is hosting a round-table conversation for the Alberta Arts Community on Monday, June 15th at 3:00pm MT around the topic of monetizing online arts content.

Zoom Conversation Spot: So sorry about that – try this link:


The question of monetization is on many organizations' minds as the pandemic continues. Should you be monetizing? Will patrons pay? What technology would work best?

This conversation may not provide all of the answers to these questions, but it will be a place to find out what other organizations and artists are thinking, planning, and doing regarding monetizing (or not!) their digital programs and content.

Guests from Wordfest, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and Calgary Queer Arts Society will get the conversation started, but all are invited to bring insights, experiences, and questions.

In advance of the discussion, please send your questions and experiences to so we can be sure to include and address them.

Please pass this along - we look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, June 15th at 3:00pm MT

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