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Help Support Arts Funding in Alberta

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Perhaps you have felt the consequences of the above chart. Cuts to the AFA have had an impact right across the province and spared no artistic discipline. However, sometimes it helps to see facts laid out clearly like this to grasp the full picture. That is what we want to do for you and the arts community, as well as provide a way for you to do something about it!

We are advocating for the next provincial government to start investing in the arts again. If just $8.5 million was added to the coffers every year for the next three years, the budget would be double the amount at which it currently sits. While that sounds like an enormous jump, and it would indeed have an enormous impact, this doubled funding would still account for just 7% of 1% of the current 2023-2024 Alberta budget.

We know that Alberta artists and arts organizations will make magic happen with this small percentage of funding. The AFA currently contributes to an astonishing array of arts activity in the province, awarding 387 operating grants and 180 project grants to organizations and 264 grants to individual artists across the province. Doubling this amount would be an incredible boost to the arts community.

Here is where you can help make this happen! We have partnered with The Nonprofit Vote to be able to send an email to every party leader advocating for this increase. VISIT HERE to send the letter or TEXT ARTS to 587-875-5751 to get the link. Almost 500 letters have already been sent and we need to keep them coming! Equally as important is to get the word out as widely as possible. We have created some materials to help you do just that, including:

  • Words from the stage ahead of a performance

  • Email copy that can be added to your newsletter or sent separately

  • An image to add to your email signature for two weeks

  • Social media content and images

We believe Albertans from every corner of the province want to support the arts - let's give them the opportunity!

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