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From RAFT to RAMP: One Project's Development Through Two Programs

Last year we launched our first ever Rozsa Admin Fundamentals Training (RAFT) program as a part of our Arts Leadership offerings. The goal of the program was to introduce the concepts of Arts Administration to artists and early career arts administrators, preparing them for the unique challenges facing not-for-profit and charitable organizations in the Arts Sector. This program has become the entry level program or the pre-cursor to our highly successful RAMP Program which has been running since 2012.

We recently spoke to Ryan Bartlett, Marketing & Communications Associate at One Yellow Rabbit, who was in the first cohort of RAFT last year and is currently completing the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP). Ryan originally was working in the corporate sector following his studies at the U of C, but found that working environment did not resonate for him. He began looking for work in a sector that garnered personal growth and matched his values, and after hearing about RAFT from colleagues at OYR, he became excited at the opportunity for self-improvement and expanding his learning in the arts sector.

We asked Ryan what was the learning environment like for RAFT?

“The RAFT program had a very fluid approach to learning, as it focused on a specific case study, which covered valuable topics such as Strategic Planning, and Board Governance” – Ryan Bartlett

The way RAFT is taught is different from RAMP, in that it is a 2-day weekend workshop covering one large case study which integrates several elements of arts management. Ryan thought this was a fantastic way to prepare for the RAMP program, which also begins with a Case study that is referred to throughout the six month long RAMP program. Although the approaches are different the learning is tied together.

Ryan is currently wrapping up his Action Learning Project for RAMP which draws on his post-secondary, RAFT, and RAMP education as he tackles the challenge of collecting audience feedback from the High Performance Rodeo in a more sustainable way. Ryan recognized a gap in the collection of audience feedback, and wanted to find a way to engage with audiences in a stronger and more sustainable way. This year’s festival was evidence to Ryan that Calgary audiences have a desire to engage on the digital sphere, as impressions and engagement during the festival increased dramatically. It was through this learning that has inspired his ALP and his continuing education through the Rozsa Arts Leadership Programs.

For others interested in the RAFT program – the Edmonton RAFT application Deadline is February 23, and our RAMP 2018/2019 dates will be announced later on this spring.

For questions about our Arts Leadership Programs please contact our Arts Management Manager, Derek Stevenson at

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