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Eva Cairns of Catalyst Theatre recieves 2016 Rozsa Award

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Eva Cairns, Managing Producer of Catalyst Theatre (Edmonton) has been awarded the 2016 Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management.

The choice of Eva Cairns as the 2016 Rozsa Award recipient reflects an outstanding nominee who displays excellence in all the Award criteria and whose organization’s scope and mission represent the wide mandate including engagement in the creation, production and presentation of art to the public. The jury’s decision was unanimous. Catherine Broomfield (iHuman Youth Society) and Steve Schroeder (CIFF), the other two nominees in the “top three”, each excelled in many of the eight award criteria, and their selection reflects the jury’s appreciation for the Rozsa Foundation’s interest in widening the scope of nominee arts managers, and the organizations they represent, for the Award.

Congratulations again to Eva, and our deepest thanks to Catherine Broomfield of iHuman Youth Society and Stephen Schroeder of Calgary International Film Festival, and all the 2016 nominees for their astounding work in arts management. Full media kit HERE.

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