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Arts Leadership announces new online 'Journey Mapping' course for arts administrators across Canada

The Rozsa Foundation provides professional development for arts managers at all stages. As such, we have added the following online course to our offerings for the first-time, giving arts administrators across Canada an online offering in professional development through partnership with the University of Calgary - Haskayne Executive Education.

“Mapping the Journey of Your Arts Audience” is a 21-hour course set to run from January to March 2020 as a pilot program, and will help arts administrators across Canada maximize marketing efforts and improve customer experience.

Arts organizations have audience members with very different needs and behaviours. It is important to understand all the touch points that influence consumer choices in the arts and the journey they travel on as they make attendance decisions.

From the first-time single ticket buyer to the dedicated patron of the arts “Mapping the journey of your arts audience” will explore the various marketing and non-marketing influences that affect consumer habits.

This new course provides a key component of the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP) which provides professional development to mid-career arts professionals, to those located outside of Southern Alberta.

For more information about our Arts Leadership Programs as well as the online offering of Journey Mapping including eligibility, application deadlines, and fees, please visit our website at Queries may also be directed to our Arts Leadership Director Geraldine Ysselstein, at (403)245 6063 or

Arts administrators in Calgary and surrounding areas in Alberta are still highly encouraged to apply for the in-person for the next offering of the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP) which will run from September 2020 to March 2021.

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