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A Word from our New Executive Director

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


My name is Simon Mallett, and I’m delighted to be the new Executive Director at the Rozsa Foundation. I’ve come to the Foundation from Downstage, a theatre company I founded back in 2004, for which I’ve been the Artistic Director for the past 13 years. I’m an artist – a theatre director specifically – by trade, but my experience has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of the many complex elements that exist throughout the provincial arts landscape.

I’m just in my second week as Executive Director, but I’ve been beaming since I arrived. In these first two weeks I’ve learned more about the various initiatives that the Foundation is currently involved with, as well as the new possibilities on the horizon. The Rozsa Foundation’s support of the Alberta arts community is wide-reaching, admittedly even more so than I knew upon entering this position. That’s the result of an unwavering mandate to understand needs, see opportunities, and be proactive and innovative in the initiatives the Foundation takes on and supports. These qualities are shared by our grantee organizations and the individuals enrolled in our arts leadership programs, and I promise to embrace the challenges and transformational potential that stepping into this world of possibilities brings. I’m already scheming and dreaming about new ways the Rozsa Foundation can positively impact the arts in Alberta, and I look forward to carrying on that conversation with all of you.

We’re keen to continue to build our community of partners; we’ve recently joined the thrilling hub of activity that is the cSPACE King Edward, and our new website and e-newsletter will assist us in staying better connected. Please drop me a line, give me a call or come on by the office and say hello; knowing each other better will only help us to work, play and grow stronger together. The arts community in Alberta has been my creative home for over a decade, and I’m so proud to now be able to work to advocate, champion and strengthen that community, building on the incredible history of support the Rozsa Foundation has established.



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