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Wordfest's CEO Shelley Youngblut receieves Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management.

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The Rozsa Foundation is pleased to announce Shelley Youngblut, CEO and Creative Ringleader of Wordfest, as the recipient of the 2018 Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management.

Shelley Youngblut connects smart, funny people with life-changing ideas as the CEO and Creative Ringleader of Wordfest. In partnership with the Calgary Public Library, she is transforming Alberta’s oldest library in Central Memorial Park into a vibrant arts and culture hub.

Youngblut has breathed new life into an arts organization that only a short time ago was set to close its doors. Since taking over as Creative Director in 2015, Youngblut has implemented pivotal changes and fostered powerful partnerships that have transformed the organization from the host of a week-long literary celebration to a celebrated purveyor of dynamic and profitable year-round programming that draws major talent and audiences from around the world.

Shelley Youngblut is a fierce advocate of emerging talent and has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to ensuring the literary arts in Calgary receives its due diligence.

The Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management recognizes Youngblut’s unwavering commitment to taking challenges in great stride to marshal wide community support, inspire audiences and energize volunteers in the creation of a lively, public celebration of two decades as the region’s premier international reader’s and writer’s festival.

Read more about the Rozsa Award, its partners and benefits as well as this year's recipient, Shelley Youngblut, CEO and Creative Ringleader of Wordfest here.

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