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If you have not already done so, please begin by visiting the main Grants page to learn about

deadlines, eligibility, and the application process for the Rozsa Foundation Granting Program.


Friday, February 18th; Friday, May 6th; Friday, October 7th



Building off successful experimentation, Rozsa Foundation Transformation Grants are designed to support an organization through the expansion of an idea, including further prototyping and scaling up of the work accomplished in the experimentation phase.


Applicants to this stream should have conducted some tangible experimentation around their idea, whether through the Rozsa Foundation Experimentation Grants, the New Pathways for the Arts Program, Calgary Arts Development’s Small Experiments program or in other ways. The ability to articulate the learnings that have come from these previous experiments and how they have brought the organization to the next phase of its work in this area is critical in articulating the case for support.



Support through this grant stream can possibly exceed that available through the Rozsa Foundation’s other grant streams, as well as potentially providing multi-year support for the transformational initiative. An appropriate request will be determined in conjunction with a conversation about the application with Rozsa Foundation staff.



  • Organizations seeking to apply for a Rozsa Foundation Transformation Grant must begin by having a conversation with the Rozsa Foundation, to discuss what experimentation has already taken place, where the next phase of the work might go and where the transformational impact lies.

  • An organization’s ability to pass on their learning on to the broader community is also a key component to the Transformation Grants. 


When applying for a Transformation Grant, organizations should address the following in the project description:


  • What previous experimentation has been done in this area?

  • What was learned through the experimentation phase?

  • How did these learnings guide the design of the next stages of development?

  • How will this work transform the organization long-term?

  • How will you collect and analyze information that results from this work?

  • How can the learnings from this work be passed on to other organizations?


We strongly encourage potential applicants to discuss their proposal with Rozsa Foundation staff prior to application to ensure program fit and maximize the chance of success. For further information on this or any other of the Rozsa Foundation's Granting Streams, please email Grants Manager Ayla Stephen.


Learn more about organization eligibility on our main Rozsa Foundation Grants page.



Click on the button below to start your application. You will require an access code, which you can receive by emailing or Ayla Stephen. 

If you would like to work in a hard copy of the application as you prepare your submission, please download the Grant Application Template below. Please do NOT submit this form as your grant application. All applications must be made via the online form. 

All project budgets submitted must use the Rozsa Foundation Granting Program Budget Template (at the button below). Please complete the “Budget” column of the template.

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