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Online Program in partnership with Haskayne Executive Education 

Mapping the journey of your arts audience 

Maximize marketing efforts and improve your customer experience

Arts organizations have audience members with very different needs and behaviours. It is important to understand all the touchpoints that influence consumer choices in the arts and the journey they travel on as they make attendance decisions.


From the first time single ticket buyer to the dedicated patron of the arts, “Mapping the journey of your arts audience” will explore the various marketing and non-marketing influences that affect consumer habits.

Today’s arts leaders require the ability to:

• Recognize the increased number of marketing messages being communicated to consumers

• Effectively segment audiences to deliver well-aligned marketing messages that will be heard over the
   clutter of messages in the market

• Use digital sources of information to respond quickly and appropriately to consumers actions

Upon completing this online program arts administrator will:

1. Effectively identify and segment your current audience

2. Identify and define potential audience segments 

3. Map the audience journey for your sector and identify relevant touchpoints for marketing activities 

Learning Objectives

Who Will Benefit 

You will benefit from this learning experience if you are
interested in exploring the following questions:

1. How can I more effectively use my marketing budget?
2. How can I reach more potential audience members
and grow my current audience?
3. What are some ways that I can better understand my

Schedule: January - March 2020

Delivery: Online

Commitment: 21 hours 

Investment: $300

Deadline to Apply: November 22, 2019

The Rozsa Foundation is committed to strengthening the arts community by developing, supporting, and celebrating arts organizations and leaders. It is with this mission that the Rozsa Foundation, in partnership with the Haskayne School of Business, has offered the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP) since 2012 in Alberta. The “Mapping the journey of your arts audience” virtual learning experience was developed out of RAMP in response to the demand outside of Calgary for more professional development opportunities for arts managers and leaders across the country.

Faculty Lead

Scott Radford is Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) at the Haskayne School of Business. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. Scott Radford’s research on sustainability and design focuses on consumer responses to attributes such as visual product design, mass customization, and product sustainability. He also studies the influence of death and mortality salience on consumer decision making. His work appears in the Journal of Product Innovation Management, European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters, and Journal of Consumer Culture. Scott teaches digital marketing and marketing management. He is currently the Academic Director of the Rozsa Arts Management Program and has been teaching in the program since its inception in 2012.

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Journey Mapping

Maximize marketing efforts and improve your customer experience

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