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This funding program supports organizations as they undertake learning-focused experiments that explore new business strategies or modes of program delivery, testing hypotheses that carry the potential for transformational impact. 



The next deadline for Experimentation applications is Friday, September 29, 2023. Please check back here or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive updates on funding program deadlines.




Organizations may request up to $10,000. 


​Experimentation funding provides seed funds for the initial stages of a new test or experiment that seeks to address and provide learning about a clearly identified challenge or opportunity facing the organization. The approach used should be divergent from previous practice, representing a shift in the way the organization has been working around business strategies or modes of program delivery. 

New programming initiatives may be eligible, but it is important to articulate where the potential for significant organizational learning and impact lies resulting from the initiative, whether it is in the development of a stronger business model, the creation of a new revenue stream, a long-term beneficial partnership, or in another way. 


Experiments should test a clearly articulated hypothesis which, if proven to be correct, could have significant impact moving forward. 


It is possible for multiple organizations to apply in partnership with one another, so long as clear rationale of the benefit behind a shared experiment is provided.  


Some examples of work undertaken through successful Experimentation Funding applications include: 

  • The development of an interactive digital concert program and examination of how audiences engaged with it, to determine if the organization should continue using them going forward (funds supported development of digital program).   

  • The lease of a Tap-to-Donate kiosk at a major museum, to test efficacy, patron usage and best placement, to determine whether to make the full investment in additional kiosks (funds supported the lease of kiosk).    

  • A collaboration between five arts organizations to offer Friday afternoon after-school kids programming, with the intent of testing public interest, needs for planning and execution, and determining best ways of working together (funds supported marketing and logistics required to support the collaboration).  

  • Working in partnership with immigrant services organizations to offer free arts classes to newcomer youth to challenge assumptions on barriers to participation and how they might be addressed (funds supported costs related to outreach to attract participants).    



Please review the Experimentation Funding Guidelines (below) for more detailed information on this funding program. We encourage interested individuals and organizations to discuss your eligibility and the program with us prior to application. Please email Funding Manager Ayla Stephen.  


All applications must be made via our online form, please click on the button below to start your application. If you would like to work in a hard copy of the application as you prepare your submission, please download the Funding Application Template. You can then copy and paste your responses from this template into our online form.   

All project budgets submitted must use the Rozsa Foundation Funding Program Budget Template. Please complete the “Budget” column of the template. 


We encourage interested organizations to discuss eligibility and proposed projects with us prior to application. Please contact Funding Manager, Ayla Stephen, at

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